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Sign a courier contract 
national or international

The conclusion of a contract for national or international courier services allows you beyond preferential rates, monthly invoicing, flexible payment term and at the same time you can benefit from the offers and discounts offered by our company.

Transmite datele pentru contract

In cursul zilei de astazi veti primi contractul semnat de catre noi pe email

You will receive by email the completed contract, signed and stamped by us, with the request to return it by email after approval and signature, in order to activate the online account.

Send a national or international envelope

the national international envelope sending service can be ordered both by email or by phone by contacting a TCE operator or

directly in the application for placing orders, sending envelopes and parcels.

When your business requires sending a large number of document envelopes, contracts, invoices, cmr's or other original documents, in Romania or anywhere in the world, you can request a personalized offer.

Through the courier or postal service, we will certainly meet the needs of your business.

Frequently asked questions about

sending PARCEL by courier

national or international

If you don't find the answer to your questions here, you can always call an operator by email or phone, from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00.

De ce am nevoie de un contract curierat ? Un contract servicii curierat incheiat intre companii va pune la dispozitie : -tarife preferentiale; -termen de plata flexibil de pana la 30 zile; -facturare lunara; -acces in aplicatia de comenzi; -informare despre facturi, rambursuri si devize; -customer service dedicat; -acces la toata gama de servicii; -discounturi si beneficii financiare.

Cum pot modifica o comanda trimitere colet? Comenzile colete deja inregistrate nu pot fi modificate, acestea fiind inregistrate direct in sistemele companiilor de curierat partenere. In cazul in care ati gresit la completarea datelor din comanda, puteti solicita anularea acesteia prin serviciul de suport sau telefonic sau 0726 219 250

Cand primesc rambursul pe un colet trimis? Rambursul aferent coletului tau este virat in contul tau bancar in termen de 24 ore din momentul receptionarii efective a rambursului in contul nostru bancar. Deci poti trimite colete ramburs in siguranta.

Ce servicii poti folosi pentru trimitere de colete national international ?

plicuri si colete romania
shipping envelopes, packages or pallets anywhere in Romania at an excellent price
plicuri si colete romania
plic_colet_national _international
shipments of envelopes and parcels with or without refund, of online stores from Romania to Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland and Croatia.
plic_colet_national _international
plic_colet_national _international
sending envelopes and packages of online stores to any country in Europe 
plic_colet_national _international
plic_colet_national _international
express courier service with extended weight limit to anything  destination in Europe
plic_colet_national _international
plic_colet_national _international
shipping envelopes and packages by air to any destination in the world
plic_colet_national _international