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e-fulfillment services dedicated to online stores
pick-pack | labeling | stock management product management

logistics required to receive, store, manage, package and deliver orders from your online store to your end customers

  • complete services of reception, storage, packaging and creation of package for your customers at only 1.2 eur / order

  • real-time inventory

  • low costs of storage, verification and reception of europallets of goods

  • automatic printing of various required documents

  • database and inventory management

  • packaging and transportation

  • return, reimbursement, recovery

  • customer support

  • integration with your online store


With a clear and efficient path


  • -we receive the goods and store them

  • -we receive orders and prepare them for delivery

  • -we ship the orders and monitor them

  • -we manage the refunds and transfer them anywhere in the world

  • -we receive returns and put them in stock

  • - we send periodic reports of the existing stock


pick and pack | delivery with courier | cash collect and transfer | return management | stock management

Our team of experienced and reliable warehouse workers takes care that your orders are treated with the necessary attention, so that they reach the final customer, properly and in good condition. We receive orders by e-mail, CSV files, API, so that we can fit any business model.
The entire collection / packaging process is controlled by the Warehouse Management System. From the moment the order is received, a choice list is generated, on which to find the location in the warehouse and the code of the products in the order. The team chooses the products, to be packed for shipment. All changes in stocks and inventory are reported to the customer. Once packaged, they are labeled to be shipped with the courier service agreed by the customer. We collaborate with the largest transport companies, in favorable, long-term partnerships, which allow us to offer advantageous rates.

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pack gifts and fragile | print and pack documents | delivery and keep customer happy

We offer our clients multiple additional services, related to their goods stored with us. Often, customers do not come into direct contact with their products before they are sold to customers. Therefore, they frequently need additional services that we provide:

- labeling of goods, printing and insertion of materials (prospectuses, manuals, invoices, notices)
- co-packaging, co-production, creation of standard packages, multiple packaging, insertion of manuals and leaflets
- insulation and compression, gift packages
- customer support
- integration of information systems between supplier and customer
- translations and adaptations for the local market and neighboring markets
- returns and notification management
- other services requested by customers


by national courier in Romania
by international courier in Europe
by international mail anywhere in the world
curier tce


courier delivery special build for romanian fulfillment services.

courier delivery bulgaria

Ecommerce Courier Romania

whether you are a natural person or a legal entity, you can find with us the best price for sending envelopes or parcels nationally, with refund and immediate transfer of the refund to your collection account. Fixed price without additional taxes

Ecommerce Courier Europe

sending parcels internationally has become extremely simple - now in three steps the shipment is picked up and reaches its destination anywhere in Europe. With an advantageous offer, we deliver cash on delivery anywhere in EURIOA and at the lowest price in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Croatia

Branded Box

Ecommerce Courier Worldwide

You can send pallets and parcels anywhere in the world by air from your store  with a fast and efficient delivery without customs operations in express mode 

Ecommerce Postal Delivery

Shipping by post is also cheap and safe. Send by post through the TCE network anywhere in the world, CHEAP and without customs operations. Delivery directly to the recipient through an exceptional delivery service.

Delivery Service

Fulfillment for E-commerce

the service that ensures storage, pick, pack, delivery, stock management for online stores in Romania or abroad