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Send envelopes and parcels cheaply by Romanian or international courier anywhere abroad

Choose to SEND ENVELOPES or PARCELS in ROMANIA or ABROAD through our services de NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL to automatically benefit from:

  • immediate and easy placing of orders even in the absence of a contract;

  • maximum security for your envelopes and parcels;

  • the best price for transport and courier delivery, whether it is envelope or parcel;

  • economical and fast express transport solution in Romania and abroad;

  • delivery with cash on delivery to individuals in Romania or abroad;

  • permanent monitoring of your shipments of envelopes and parcels nationally and internationally;

  • dedicated customer service ready to respond to your requests at any time.

Choose from the services below WHAT YOU WANT and WHERE YOU WANT to ship and place the order easily in our application.

alege curier national international

With OUR SERVICES you will find a courier service at a CORRECT PRICE.

with us you will permanently have a human operator close to you and involved in the situations that arise.

it is impossible not to find the envelope and parcel sending service you need with us.

you place the orders simply, remove the labels simply, pay very simply.

because we have been doing this for 20 years and we know what you need.

and many other reasons 

pret curier raid ntional international

I told you it's SAFE, I told you it's EVERYWHERE in Romania and abroad, now we're telling you it's CHEAP!

2 EUR an ENVELOPE anywhere in Romania, even from Suceava to Timisoara. NO ADDITIONAL KILOMETERS  - NO EXTERNAL ZONE TAXES 

2.5 EUR a PARCEL anywhere in Romania ... is it expensive? But 3 EUR for a parcel from Iasi to Vienna? 

We offer SECURITY at a fair price!

curier romania international

Because we deliver 50,000 parcels / month to 1300 customers?  Because we have the best partners in the courier market?  Because we send 700,000 parcels a year SAFELY and ON TIME ?  Because we are recognized in the international courier market delivering for clients such as REVOLUT, British American Tobbaco, TKTX and many many others? Because we made a name for ourselves from simplicity, innovation and respect for partnership? Because we are with you, whether you are a multinational company or whether it is your only assignment ever?

We can give you hundreds of reasons ... but the most important one is that  YOU NEED IT and WE CAN GIVE IT TO YOU!

curier national international

The answer is not complicated here either! 

Because we offer you all this WITHOUT CONTRACT, WITHOUT ACCOUNT, WITHOUT OBLIGATIONS just a click away. Because with us you can find an alternative for both ENVELOPE - PARCEL - PALLET that is delivered cheaply and on time  in SUCEAVA, BERLIN or SYDNEY.

You can find the complete solution with us and if you don't like it... you can change your mind without worry. You have the money back on your card in 10 minutes!

The decision is only yours ... but if we can do it ... be sure that we do it well!

trimite plic colet national romania ieftin

INDIVIDUALS PERSONS  sending to Romania 
of cheap envelope or parcel by fast online COURIER


We pick up from your home and deliver your envelopes anywhere in Romania, safely and at the best price per envelope delivery.

Whether you are sending an envelope with documents or documents,   wherever you want to send in Romania, you can be sure that you will find the best price here, but especially NO TAXES  OUTSIDE AREAS or other special taxes 


Place the order here and a courier will come to your address and pick up the package. In 24 hours it is delivered nationally in Romania to any address you want WITHOUT ADDITIONAL TAXES or hidden costs. We do not apply additional kilometers, we do not apply additional taxes. You pay online and the delivery is made safely.

trimitere plic colet europa ieftin

de parcel envelope by fast online COURIER


In any country you want to send an envelope, to any address you want your envelope with documents to be delivered in Europe, we do it.

We collect documents from embassies, we send official documents in envelopes from anywhere in Romania, anywhere in Europe.

You simply place the order and a courier picks up the envelope from your address.


Sending parcels to any country in Europe is now simple and worry-free.

You place the order here and a courier will pick up the package from your home and then we will deliver it safely to any European country. Low price, safety, delivery guarantee is what ensures an efficient international courier service. Sending parcels abroad issimple and cheapthrough our courier service. 


For an individual or even a company, it is not very easy to find a solution for transporting palletized goods in Europe. Neither easy nor cheap.

At a low price, without a contract, we take the pallet from your address and take it anywhere in Europe either through our network or by international freight groupage. You pay a little and the goods are delivered safely!


For an individual or even a company, it is not very easy to find a solution for transporting palletized goods in Europe. Neither easy nor cheap.

At a low price, without a contract, we take the pallet from your address and take it anywhere in Europe either through our network or by international freight groupage. You pay a little and the goods are delivered safely!

trimite plic colet strainatate ieftin

send cheaply, without customs, anywhere in the world 

anywhere in EUROPE

Sending envelopes or parcels to the countries of the European Union but also to countries in EUROPE. Now you can send to ENGLAND, TURKEY, UKRAINE without restrictions and without limitations.

trimite plic colet national international

anywhere in the world

Send a CHEAP envelope or parcel to AMERICA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA without customs operations at a very low price with home pickup and delivery to the addressee.

trimite plic colet national international

Through the NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ENVELOPE PARCEL SENDING service, you benefit from the best prices for sending envelopes and parcels both in Romania and abroad. Moreover, you do not need an account, contract or any form of agreement, even if you are the physical person of the firm. You simply place the order, pay and the courier comes to your door immediately. The service is ideal for sending envelopes and parcels occasionally or when you want to test or familiarize yourself with our company's system. Thus, you will know for sure if we meet your needs and if we are the right national or international courier for your business. Choose from the list above what you want to send, follow the steps and place the order in the application. 


For regular sending of envelopes or parcels, national or international, we recommend concluding a contract through which you will benefit from:

  • flexible payment term;

  • tariff discount for shipments;

  • preferential rates for a long period;

  • customer service dedicated to your shipments;

  • account in the orders application.

Woman with Red Hair

Anghelina T.

The safest package delivery service to Spain. My sales to Romanians in Spain have increased a lot since I can collect from the Correos offices

Frequently asked questions about

sending by courier

national or international

If you don't find the answer to your questions here, you can always call an operator by email or phone, from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00.

Cum plasez comanda de curierat in aplicatie ? Este extrem de simplu de plasat comanda ! -ALEGI CE VREI SA EXPEDIEZI-in functie de ce ai de trimis, plic colet sau palet, precum si in functie de unde ai de trimis (in Romania, Europa sau oriunde in alta parte in lume) -SELECTEZI SERVICIUL DORIT, dupa care completezi toare rubricile aferente comenzii ( adresa numar de telefon greutate etc). functie de cat de corecte vor fi informatiile transmise va fi facuta livrarea. Dupa introducerea informatiilor iti va aparea posibilitatea de plata ( card bancar sau pay pall). -EFECTUEZI PLATA si poti obtine introducand informatiile necesare, factura pe firma ta. Asta e tot ! Un curier soseste curand la usa ta !

Ce servicii curierat sau posta puneti la dispozitia clientilor ? In functie de modelul de expediere si unde vreti sa trimiteti plicuri sau colete puteti opta pentru unul din serviciile de mai jos : Daca aveti trimiteri catre Romania plicuri/ colete / paleti - serviciul de curierat national Daca aveti trimiteri de plicuri si colete in strainatate ocazional - serviciul de curierat international Daca aveti o afacere online si aveti trimiteri frecvente in Europa - serviciul de curierat ecommerce Daca aveti o afacere care are nevoie de trimitere de plicuri si colete oriunde in lume - serviciul postal international.

Cand primesc rambursul ? Rambursul aferent coletului tau este virat in contul tau bancar in termen de 24 ore din momentul receptionarii efective a rambursului in contul nostru bancar.

Pot face un contract pentru a avea tarif preferential ? Desigur, un contract de servicii va asigura atat tarife preferentiale cat si termen de plata extins. Contactati un operator si trimiteti datele companiei, contractul completat va fi trimis pe email.

Daca am marfa grea, colete voluminoase, paleti ? Si in aceasta varianta operatorii nostri vor pune la dispozitia dvs o oferta de servicii atat pentru Romania cat si pentru unele destinatii internationale.

Unde pot trimite plicuri si colete prin voi ? Poti trimite atat in Romania, Europa cat si oriunde in lume, important este sa alegi corect din lista unde vrei sa trimiti. PLIC COLET NATIONAL pentru expedieri oirunde in Romania PLIC COLET PALET EUROPA -pentru expedieri oriunde in Europa, -PLIC COLET ORIUNDE IN LUME- pentru trimiteri oriunde in afara Uniunii Europene. Nu te ezita sa contactezi un operator pe email sau telefon.

Cum verific unde se afla expedierea mea ? Vei primi de la operatorul nostru etichetele atat national cat si international. Aceste etichete...mai exact numarul comenzii, poate fi monitorizat permanent in pagina web a companiei, acolo unde ai plasat comanda, accesand casuta track and trace.

Do not forget !

An operator is available by phone from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00031425 4851or email click here

Trimite curier sua_edited.jpg

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