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Send envelopes and parcels nationally or internationally
Choose the type of service and check the transport price


The displayed price refers to courier transport from Romania to these destinations. The price may be affected by delivery charges, shipment dimensions or delivery area.


Send envelopes and parcels cheaply by Romanian or international courier anywhere abroad

Choose toSEND ENVELOPESorPARCELSin theROMANIAorABROADthrough our services de NATIONALandINTERNATIONALto automatically benefit from:

  • immediate and easy placing of orders even in the absence of a contract;

  • maximum security for your envelopes and parcels;

  • the best price for transport and courier delivery, whether it is envelope or parcel;

  • economical and fast express transport solution in Romania and abroad;

  • delivery with cash on delivery to individuals in Romania or abroad;

  • permanent monitoring of your shipments of envelopes and parcels nationally and internationally;

  • dedicated customer service ready to respond to your requests at any time.

Because with us you will find a courier service at a CORRECT PRICE.

with us you will permanently have a human operator close to you and involved in the situations that arise.

it is impossible not to find the envelope and parcel sending service you need with us.

you place the orders simply, remove the labels simply, pay very simply.

because we have been doing this for 20 years and we know what you need.

and many other reasons 

I told you it's SAFE, I told you it's EVERYWHERE in Romania and abroad, now we're telling you it's CHEAP!

12 RON an ENVELOPE anywhere in Romania, even from Suceava to Timisoara. NO ADDITIONAL KILOMETERS  - NO EXTERNAL ZONE TAXES 

13 RON a PARCEL anywhere in Romania ... is it expensive? But 28 RON a parcel from Iasi to Vienna? 

We offer SECURITY at a fair price!

Because we deliver 100,000 parcels / month to 1300 customers?!  Because we have the best partners in the courier market?!  Because we send ONE MILLION parcels per year SAFELY and ON TIME?!  Because we are recognized in the international courier market delivering for clients such as Revolut, British American Tobacco, H&M and many others? Because we made a name for ourselves from simplicity, innovation and respect for partnership?

We can give you hundreds of reasons ... but the most important one is that  YOU NEED IT and WE CAN GIVE IT TO YOU!

The answer is not complicated here either! 

Because we offer you all this WITHOUT CONTRACT, WITHOUT ACCOUNT, WITHOUT OBLIGATIONS just a click away. Because with us you can find an alternative for both ENVELOPE - PARCEL - PALLET that is delivered cheaply and on time  in SUCEAVA, BERLIN or SYDNEY.

You can find the complete solution with us and if you don't like it... you can change your mind without worry. You have the money back on your card in 10 minutes!

The decision is only yours ... but if we can do it ... be sure that we do it well!

Sending to Romania 
cheap envelope or parcel via Rapid National COURIER


cheap document envelope shipments anywhere in Romania without a contract

We pick up from your home and deliver your envelopes anywhere in Romania, safely and at the best price per delivery per envelope.

NO EXTERIOR ZONE TAX or KM, the best price!


cheap parcel shipping anywhere nationally in Romania without a contract

Place the order here and a courier will come to your address and pick up the package. In 24 hours it is delivered nationally in Romania to any address  with refund and delivery confirmation.

Shipping to Europe
cheap parcel envelope by COURIER Rapid International


document envelope shipments   to any country in Europe 

In any country you want to send an envelope, to any address you want your envelope with documents to be delivered in Europe, we do it safely and quickly.


send cheap parcel to any country in Europe 

Sending parcels to any country in Europe is now simple and worry-free. Pickup from home and home delivery fast and safe.

send PLIC  abroad

sending express envelopes by air  anywhere in the world

Sending international document envelopes anywhere abroad is now at your fingertips. Global air express delivery

send PARCEL abroad

express parcel shipments anywhere in the world

Sending parcels internationally is now simple and fast through our service. Fast and safe express delivery by air

Sending abroad
cheap parcel envelope, without customs, anywhere in the world 

anywhere in EUROPE

cheap ENVELOPE or PARCEL shipments by post anywhere in European countries

Envelope or parcel shipments to the countries of the European Union but also to countries in EUROPE. Now you can send to ENGLAND, TURKEY, UKRAINE without restrictions and without limitations.

trimite plic colet national international

anywhere in the world

ENVELOPE or PARCEL shipments anywhere in the world cheaply by post

Send a CHEAP envelope or parcel to AMERICA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA without customs operations at a very low price with home pickup and delivery to the addressee.