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Send parcel envelope to Ukraine, Belarus or Russia

Even if it is a conflict zone  to which all the operators have restricted their services, using the international postal delivery network, the summary is to deliver envelopes and parcels (with certain limitations) from Romania to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

Delivery service details Ukraine, Belarus, Russia 

The delivery service to these destinations is a door-to-door postal service within the limits of the operations carried out by the national post offices of these countries.

The international postal service is realized by connecting the national private or state postal services of all countries, thus obtaining a competitive, cheap delivery service with global coverage.

Delivery price PLIC ENVELOPE to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia 

PLIC COLET  ROMANIA  UCRAINA  incepand de la  8.16 EUR pret fara TVA
PLIC COLET  ROMANIA  BELARUS  incepand de la  8.80 EUR pret fara TVA
PLIC COLET  ROMANIA  RUSIA  incepand de la-  9.16 EUR pret fara TVA

The delivery service addresses document envelopes with a maximum weight of 100 grams (above this weight are considered goods) as well as parcels with goods without commercial value up to 2000 grams. 

The service is subject to weight and volume limitations specific to the international postal service, limitations that can be obtained by consulting an operator here 

Transit time parcel envelope Ukraine, Belarus, Russia

The transit time to these destinations on the international postal network is 8-19 working days. Being a postal service, track and trace is limited to pickup, scanning in main hubs and delivery. Shipments can be monitored on the international track and trace website TRACK17 based on the postal order number communicated by the operator.

The transit time is informative and may be affected by various operational factors.

How do I send a parcel envelope to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia?

To send a parcel envelope to Ukraine, Belarus or Russia, you can use the button below to contact an operator to process your order.

He will request:

- full pick-up and delivery address 

- the value of the products 

- product description

-shipment purpose 

based on the information obtained, you will receive an invoice for the service and a national shipping label on the basis of which a courier will go to your address to pick up the parcel/envelope.

The shipment will be processed after the online payment of the service invoice.

You can always contact an operator at the email address: international@tceholding.ro for details regarding your shipment.

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The war in Ukraine did not manage to keep us away from our goal - we always offer a solution to the client.

Postal deliveries of envelopes and parcels up to 2 kg on the international postal network to Ukraine, Belarus or Russia

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