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Send envelopes or parcels to CANADA by courier or post

Send parcels from Romania to CANADA without worries using our ECONOMIC and EXPRESS delivery services. This way you can send envelopes and parcels in CANADA without customs operations, with pickup from your address and delivery directly to the recipient's door anywhere in CANADA. A cheap, safe international delivery service that provides the optimal solution both for individuals but especially for online businesses that want to ship to customers in CANADA.

companii -curierat canada

The service addressed to sending cheap envelopes and parcels in CANADA. Shipments can be envelopes and parcels with a maximum weight of 2 kg and are delivered in CANADA via the international postal network.

Customs operations do not have to be performed, but it is necessary to declare the content and its value in order to complete the CN23 declaration.

The service is addressed to both individuals and legal entities, ensuring pick-up and delivery to the address as well as track and trace in the track17 global tracking application


  • Maximum weight 2 KG

  • Dimensions 40 X 60

  • Economic Postal Service - CANADA POST

  • Transit time12-28days

  • Valid for envelopes and parcels

Sending envelopes and parcels in CANADA

Canada's e-commerce market is booming and one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world. In 2021, Canada's e-commerce market is expected to reach a value of $48.4 billion, with a CAGR of 9.4% between 2021 and 2025.

Here are some highlights of the Canadian e-commerce market:

Preference for online shopping - According to a study by Statistics Canada, 80% of Canadians shop online and this number is growing. Canadians prefer to shop online because of the convenience, product variety and better prices.

Popular e-commerce platforms - In Canada, the most popular e-commerce platforms are Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify and Best Buy. There are also other smaller platforms that specialize in certain areas, such as Etsy for handmade products or Wayfair for furniture.

Strict data protection and privacy regulations - Canada has some of the strictest data protection and privacy regulations in the world. These regulations also apply to the e-commerce marketplace and should be considered by all online merchants operating in Canada.

livrare canada plic colet ieftin curier

Envelope and parcel delivery solutions in CANADA for online businesses

Cheap delivery of envelopes and parcels in CANADA for online business 

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livrare canada plic colet ieftin curier


  • placing the CANADA order online and printing awb transport directly from the application;

  • delivery without customs operations neither to the sender nor to the recipient;

  • cheap delivery of envelopes and parcels CANADA at rates starting with5 euros/delivery

  • permanent track and trace of the CANADA shipment;

  • delivery door to door CANADA;

  • customer service dedicated to your business;

  • API connection of the online store with the order application;

Express delivery of envelopes and parcels of any weight to CANADA

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livrare canada plic colet ieftin curier

Benefits :

  • placing orders online;

  • fast delivery by air to any destination in CANADA;

  • collection from the customer's address;

  • permanent track and trace in the CANADA order application;

  • API connection;

  • telephone notification of the recipient;

  • repeat delivery

  • approval and return of goods;

How does the pickup from Romania and the delivery in CANADA work


Plasezi comanda in aplicatia noastra de comenzi direct sau prin API si printezi eticheta de transport CANADA


Un curier se prezinta la adresa ta si ridica expedierea etichetata de tine


Expeditia ajunge in hub-ul nostru extern unde este scanata si declarata


Predam expedierea ta catre CANADA POST sau UPS ( express )


Destinatarul din CANADA este sunat si livrarea este efectuata in maxim de siguranta

INDIVIDUALS - Send an envelope or package without a contract in CANADA

persoane fizice-curierat canada


Safe deliveries and at a very low price, with pickup from anywhere in Romania and delivery to the address in CANADA (with telephone contact), of envelopes and parcels, Economic or Express depending on the customer's needs. The service is addressed to INDIVIDUALS, without a contract, and allows placing the order online in the order application and paying with the bank card of the CANADA delivery services. After placing the order, the courier arrives at the address indicated by you to pick up the ordered shipment.

Sending Documents (envelopes) anywhere in CANADA without contract 

  • pickup from your address anywhere in Romania

  • online order placement and bank card payment

  • select the delivery service (ECONOMIC or EXPRESS) CANADA

  • delivery to the recipient's address anywhere in CANADA

  • without customs operations or customs duties in CANADA

  • envelopes containing ONLY documents up to 200 grams/envelope

Parcel shipments anywhere in America without contract 

  • pickup from your address anywhere in Romania

  • online order placement and bank card payment

  • select the delivery service (ECONOMIC or EXPRESS)

  • delivery to the recipient's address anywhere inCANADA

  • without customs operations or customs fees in CANADA

  • ECONOMIC - parcels up to 2kg/ parcel CANADA

  • EXPRESS - parcels up to 50 kg/ parcel CANADA

livrare canada plic colet ieftin curier
livrare canada plic colet ieftin curier


I recommend delivery to CANADA! My clients CANADA   did not expect a shorter delivery time and 33 lei for one's really ok!

Frequently asked questions delivery in CANADA

Pot plasa comenzi fara contract in CANADA? Desigur, poti plasa comenzi folosind in pagina Plaseaza Comanda, unde vei introduce datele comeplete ale comenzii si vei putea plati cu cardul serviciul de transport America
Pot plasa comenzi ridicare colete din CANADA? Din pacate serviciul se adreseaza numai livrarilor Romania- CANADA

Our economy delivery service in Canada offers an affordable and efficient option for our customers who want to ship parcels or packages across the country. Whether you need to send a small package or a large one, our economy delivery service can provide a solution at an affordable price.

To take advantage of our economy shipping service in Canada, all you have to do is fill out the online shipping form and choose our economy shipping option. We will pick up your package and transport it to its destination at an affordable price.

We are proud to offer a range of delivery options including next day delivery or Saturday delivery to suit your needs. All of our shipments are tracked and insured, so you can count on us to deliver your package safely and on time.

In addition, we are committed to providing an excellent delivery experience to our customers, so you can be sure to receive professional and personalized service in all interactions with us.

So, if you need an economical shipping option in Canada, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide quality service and help you save money on parcel shipping.

There are several reasons to sell online in Canada:

Business opportunities: Canada has a strong economy and a diversified consumer market with a high level of purchasing power of the population. This offers excellent business opportunities in various fields.

The rise of e-commerce: E-commerce continues to grow in Canada, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend. Thus, there is great potential for online business growth in this area.

Market accessibility: The Internet has made selling online more accessible than selling in brick-and-mortar stores. Thus, Canadian online sellers can reach customers from all over the world with ease.

Lower costs: Selling online can be cheaper than selling in brick-and-mortar stores because there is no need to spend on renting a commercial space or paying employees in the store.

Access to technology: Canada is a technologically advanced country, which means there is access to the latest technology and safe and convenient online payment solutions.

All these reasons make selling online in Canada an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses.

How can you sell online in CANADA?

To sell online in Canada, there are several options available. The most common online selling platforms include: Amazon is a popular online selling platform in Canada that allows sellers to sell a wide range of products, including electronics, clothing and food.

Shopify: Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows sellers to create a custom online store and sell products through it. The platform is easy to use and offers a variety of features and integrations. eBay is another popular option for selling online in Canada. The platform allows sellers to sell a wide range of products, including antiques, clothing and accessories.

Etsy: Etsy is an online sales platform specializing in handmade, vintage, and craft materials.

Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace is a free online selling platform that allows sellers to sell local products in their community.

It's important to check the seller rules and requirements for each platform before you start selling online. You can also use social media to promote products and sell directly to customers.

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